How to Install Octagon

Unlike steerer extenders, which may need minor adjustments after the installation taking up your service tech’s valueable time, once Octagon is installed the customer can make adjustments on their own!

Watch the video or see the instructions below to learn how Octagon is installed. Octagon must be installed by a professional bicycle mechanic. Compatible with 1-1/8″ threadless steel steerer tubes.

Download the Octagon Installation instruction

Octagon recommends that steering components always be installed and serviced by an experienced, professional bicycle mechanic. When installing a handlebar, stem, or fork, the bicycle dealer must read and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer with the product or on the manufacturer’s website. Following manufacturer’s instructions and using common sense in selecting, installing and maintaining components are the best ways to avoid failure and to minimize the inherent risks of cycling.
In selecting steering components, you should consider:

  • Intended use of the product
  • Size and style of the rider
  • Useful life of the product
  • Compatibility with other components and accessories
Inspect frequently: Steering components should be inspected before every ride for cracking or other signs of potential failure
Torque: Most Steering components now have specific torque requirements for tightening fasteners. Follow these requirements and use a properly calibrated torque wrench to tighten all fasteners.